On to 2022

Having restarted this venture in January 2021 I only had 4 months to put everything together ready for the draft.

But for 2022 I’ve got a full year, and that means doing things better and aiming higher.

To find out more – read on.

Top 5: Overvalued Prospects

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that everyone assesses draft talent differently and as a result every analyst has guys they will generally be higher or lower on than the accepted consensus view. 

In that article I gave you my top 5 undervalued guys – players who I believe are better than the generally accepted consensus. 

Today I give you my top 5 overvalued prospects – the guys who’s hype I’m just not buying. That’s not to say these aren’t good players and that they won’t make good pros, but is more that my evaluation of them has them lower than I’m hearing or seeing that others have got them.