Two major trades went down today that sent high first round draft picks to new homes and sent Twitter into meltdown.

The first of those trades saw the San Francisco 49ers trade the #12 pick, their 2022 1st and 3rd round picks, and their 2023 1st round pick to the Miami Dolphins for the #3 overall pick this year. 

The second trade then saw the Dolphins send that 12th overall selection they’d just acquired to the Philadelphia Eagles for the #6 pick, giving up one of their 2022 1st round selections in the process. 

There were also some lower round picks included in both those transactions. 

This is a major move from the 49ers and is a huge signal that they believe that at least 3 of the top tier of quarterbacks in this draft will represent an upgrade over Jimmy Garropolo and also tells us they believe they are in their Super Bowl window. 

Miami moving back up suggests they have their eye on a particular player or position who they are sure will be there at 6 but have much less certainty that he would be available if they stayed at 12. 

Given the ramifications of these moves, I’ve updated my Mock Draft – yes, the one I only just published late on Wednesday. 

Thankfully I’d already given the 49ers a QB and I think I’m keyed in on the Dolphins pick as well, but there are a couple of other changes in the top 12 as a result of the changes in the order. 


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