By popular demand, I hereby present the first ever UKDraft Annual Mock Draft Competition.

This competition is open to everyone who wishes to enter and the rules are fairly simple – more on how to enter and those rules below. The most important thing is that I’m hoping this will be a good bit of fun for everyone who wants to take part and I’ll post a full leaderboard etc. after the draft. 

There’s no prizes other than the pride of seeing your name at the top of the leaderboard and being able to gloat on twitter for the next 12 months – but hopefully that’s enough for most people. 


  1. Anyone wishing to participate should produce and submit a Round One mock draft covering the first 32 picks. It is entirely up to you as to whether you wish to project trades or not. 
  2. Individuals may only enter once – if multiple mock drafts are submitted then only the final one sent before the deadline will be taken into consideration. Individuals flooding my inbox with multiple versions may find themselves subject to disqualification depending on how annoyed I get if you do it! 
  3. Mock drafts to be entered into the competition should be sent by email to and should arrive no later than 00:01 on Thursday 29 April – i.e. midnight at the end of Wednesday 28th. 
  4. Mock drafts submitted after the deadline will not be entered but may still be charged. (Note: there is no charge, and nor will there be if you’re late submitting – I’ve just always wanted to say that to be honest. Though I’m serious about them not being entered.)


  1. 1 point will be given for each player drafted in the first round who is included in your first round mock draft, regardless of the position they are drafted or by whom they are drafted. 
  2. 2 additional points will be given for matching a player to the team they are drafted by. This means that a maximum of 3 points can be earned by each selection giving a maximum possible score of 96. 

I think that’s it really. Hopefully a good bit of fun – and I look forward to seeing all your mock drafts. 

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