Mock Draft

Round one


Jacksonville Jaguars


Trevor Lawrence, Clemson, QB

The Jaguars are so talent-deficient that they need to apply a best player available strategy throughout the draft. A great start to that will be finding themselves a starting quarterback to finally be the face of this franchise.

Trevor Lawrence is one of the best quarterback prospects to head to the NFL for a number of years and despite there being a number of other high end signal callers in this draft, it will be a huge shock if Lawrence’s name wasn’t the first to be called, despite Urban Meyer’s links to Ohio State.

If Meyer standing less than 6 feet away at Lawrence’s Pro Day, him advising the Clemson star to go for his shoulder surgery as early as possible so he could be healthy for training camp, or his interview with Peter King where he basically all but admitted they were going to draft Lawrence weren’t enough clues for you then you probably need to crawl out from under that rock.

Lawrence is a dual threat quarterback who has shown throughout his college career that he can make all the throws, make plays on the run, and lead his team to victory from all sorts of situations. 


New York Jets


Zach Wilson, BYU, QB

Trading Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers was the final confirmation, if one was needed, that the Jets were going to draft a quarterback here with the second overall selection.

Joe Douglas wasn’t involved in the drafting of Sam Darnold and Robert Saleh would surely love to make his mark on the franchise by getting his guy in place for what is ultimately the most important position in football. 

Zach Wilson is a dynamic quarterback who can put the ball into a tight window and still ensure that the only person who’s going to catch it is his receiver.

He has an incredibly high ceiling – the ability to make throws off the back foot or with his arm coming through at all sorts of strange angles is Mahomes-like at times – and it is that ability combined with the ease with which he can launch the ball 60 yards downfield that excites everyone who watches him. 


San Francisco 49ers


Trey Lance, North Dakota State, QB

The 49ers making the decision to trade up to number 3, giving up the 12th overall pick this year plus their 1st round picks in 2022 and 2023 tells you they’re comfortable with a number of the top quarterbacks in this draft. 

I wrote before the trade went down that the one thing I just couldn’t get out of mind is the fact that I don’t believe that Kyle Shanahan believes he can win a Super Bowl with Jimmy Garropolo. 

This is a team that went after Tom Brady last year and Matt Stafford this year – those aren’t the actions of a team that’s all in on their quarterback.

However in this final version of my mock I’ve flipped this pick from Justin Fields to Trey Lance. I’m still not buying the Mac Jones hype, and personally I think Fields is the more pro-ready of the other two as well as being the better passer of the ball. 

But with Lance’s ability to throw bombs downfield being the thing that the 49ers seem to covet, I think he’s the pick here.


Atlanta Falcons


Kyle Pitts, Florida, TE

With a new Head Coach and GM in position, it’ll be really interesting to see how the Falcons approach drafting at this fourth overall pick. 

But with the extension to Matt Ryan’s contract basically meaning that they’re tied to him for at least the next two, and possibly the next three seasons, from a salary cap perspective I find it hard to believe that they’re going to draft a QB here at 4 knowing he likely sits on the bench for two years.

I genuinely believe this pick could be the first to be traded on draft night, but if the Falcons stay put I could totally see Kyle Pitts being the pick.

Pitts is a generational talent, and while Penei Sewell and Ja’Marr Chase will no doubt garner some consideration here too, Arthur Smith’s scheme calls for the use of multiple tight ends often.

Pitts will be a moveable chess piece for the Falcons offense, able to line up outside at times as well as in the slot and tight to the offensive line as well. He can also block if needed, but his value comes from his receiving ability.


Cincinnati Bengals


Ja’Marr Chase, LSU, WR

Bengals fan have got to like what they’ve seen from last year’s number one overall pick Joe Burrow – aside from the number of times he got pressured, sacked, and ultimately hurt.

But with the signing of Riley Reiff in free agency, the Bengals have given themselves options with this pick. It has been the consensus for most of the last 3 or 4 months that this pick would be Penei Sewell, but with the depth in the tackle class and Joe Burrow reportedly lobbying for his old teammate I’m not convinced that Sewell is nailed on here. 

Ja’Marr Chase is a legitimate #1 wideout with good size, speed and burst. He can run the entire route tree and is strong enough to make catches when under pressure too. 

He has the potential to be an AJ Green type of player for this franchise – replacing the man who has left for pastures new after the best part of a decade playing for this Bengals team.


Miami Dolphins


DeVonta Smith, Alabama, WR

The Dolphins trading down, and then almost immediately back up again, tells us there’s a talent they like who they feel won’t be there at 12. 

That man is Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith who would give Tua and this offense an exceptional playmaking talent would surely add some excitement in South Florida. 

Smith has run a vast route tree and has elite ability to get separation thanks to his quick first step and immediate burst off the line. The Bama connection to Tua surely will help him get up to speed with this offense, and on the same page as his quarterback, sooner rather than later. 

The Dolphins coaching staff had Smith on their team in Senior Bowl week so they’ve seen first hand what he can do and how explosive he is. 


Detroit Lions


Penei Sewell, Oregon, OT

My initial reaction to the Lions trading away Matthew Stafford and acquiring Jared Goff was that if the Lions had a shot at one of the top quarterbacks in this draft then they’d absolutely be taking him here with this pick.

The more I reflect however, and especially having seen the contract restructure, the more I believe Goff will be the Lions starter in 2021 and that they’ll go elsewhere with this draft choice.

With two receivers going just ahead of them the Lions look to the trenches here and go after one of the guys most people believe is one of the top 2 or 3 overall prospects in this entire draft class, offensive tackle Penei Sewell.

Sewell projects as a multi-time Pro Bowl left tackle in the NFL and selecting him here and having him protecting Goff’s blind side will demonstrate the Lions are serious about protecting their investment and building a team around him.


Carolina Panthers


Rashawn Slater, Northwestern, OT

Matt Rhule’s squad drafted entirely defense in 2020, so you might reasonably expect this pick to go on an offensive player.

After trading for Sam Darnold, you’d assume QB will be off the table here at 8 and that instead they might look to do something the Jets never did and that’s surround Darnold with talent and protect him far better.

Adding to Darnold’s protection is where this pick of Rashawn Slater comes in. Slater has played both tackle and guard, and on both sides of the line too. His versatility, strength and football intelligence would make him a great fit for this team, which is still working to find its offensive identity. 

Some teams even reportedly have Slater above Sewell, which I find slightly incongruous – but then it is draft week! 


Denver Broncos


Micah Parsons, Penn State, LB

The Broncos need help on defense and given the way it looks as though the draft will go before its their turn to make a selection, they’ve almost got their pick of the bunch when it comes to that side of the ball. 

The way in which they’ve looked to address the cornerback position – signing Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby as well as bringing back Kareem Jackson – leads me to believe they’ll be looking elsewhere with this pick. 

Micah Parsons is my number one rated defensive player in this draft. He is a sure fire tackler, can rush the quarterback, and can drop into coverage when needed as well. 

Parsons is the very definition of a prototypical 3-down linebacker who could very well be the future leader of this defense. 


Dallas Cowboys


Patrick Surtain II, Alabama, CB

Despite adding Trevon Diggs in round two last year the Cowboys secondary has continued to struggle, and new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn knows all about having a rubbish secondary and the problems that can cause you from his time in Atlanta. 

Enter Patrick Surtain.

Surtain showed the ability to lock down top level receivers, is a sure tackler, and looks to have all the skills to be left on an island and prevent opposing QBs from throwing into his half of the field. 

This pick also represents the best player available, so the Cowboys win on multiple fronts – addressing a need without reaching for a player. 


New York Giants


Jaylen Waddle, Alabama, WR

The New York Giants’ Super Bowl winning sides of 2008 and 2012 were built on a foundation of being a great defense – which definitely isn’t something you could say about them right now.

This pick could be an edge rusher but the best available player at this point is Jaylen Waddle, the deep threat big-play wide receiver from Alabama.

Waddle would give them a hugely explosive playmaking piece to add to their offense. He’s got elite speed – think Tyreek Hill-esque (yes, seriously) and would ensure that Daniel Jones is finally surrounded with some truly talented players to throw the ball to. 


Philadelphia Eagles


Jaycee Horn, South Carolina, CB

The Eagles decision to move down 6 spots and pick up an extra 1st round pick in 2022 tells you that their focus is on rebuilding this roster over the next couple of years and not just necessarily on picking one or two players to make a difference.

One area the Eagles could definitely look to improve on here is their secondary and assuming they don’t move up to grab Patrick Surtain ahead of their division rivals the Cowboys then I can definitely see them going with Jaycee Horn here. 

Horn is a super-physical corner who stands at 6’1 and has both the size and athleticism to cover some of the bigger receivers in the NFL. With Caleb Farley’s back injury being a bit of a risk, there’s a good chance now that Horn will be the second CB off the board.

He also has NFL bloodlines, being the son of former Saints receiver Jay Horn, and if he’s anything like his dad he’ll definitely bring some attitude to this team.


Los Angeles Chargers


Christian Darrisaw, Virginia Tech, OT

New Head Coach Brandon Staley’s first job is going to be to get the best out of 2020 first round pick Justin Herbert.

Bringing in Corey Linsley in free agency was a huge first step in the right direction and if any of Sewell, Slater or Darrisaw were to be available here then I’d expect them to be the Chargers pick. 

The first two of those are off the board but with Darrisaw sitting there, the Chargers will probably run this pick to the podium faster than you can say his name and then plug and play him at left tackle for the next decade. 

Keeping their 2020 Rookie of the Year standing upright and giving him as clean a pocket as possible to make the throws we all know he’s capable of making is going to be to LAC’s desire to make a decent playoff run. 


Minnesota Vikings


Alijah Vera-Tucker, USC, OL

With needs all across the offensive line as well as in the secondary and on the defensive line as well, the Vikings could go a number of ways with this pick.

Given that they don’t have a second round pick I’m going for them looking to address their most blatant need with this selection and taking Alijah Vera-Tucker out of USC.

Vera-Tucker could play on the interior or even outside at tackle given his experience at USC where he spent most of his time playing guard before moving to play tackle in 2020, and his versatility will surely appeal to the Vikings here. 


New England Patriots


Mac Jones, Alabama, QB

The Belichick – Saban connection strikes again as the Patriots pick up another Alabama star. 

Having spent a lot of money in free agency you’d still say the Patriots biggest liability would most likely be Cam Newton – a player who hasn’t looked the same since that defeat in Super Bowl 50.

Mac Jones may not be a Patrick Mahomes type of quarterback who’s going to run around all over the place, avoid pressure for 20 seconds and then scramble for a 7 yard gain or whatever. 

But what he can do is throw incredibly accurate balls into tight windows, including throwing downfield, and he’s got such good pocket poise, presence, and footwork that allows him to avoid the rush and keep his eyes downfield so he can make whatever throw he needs to. 


Arizona Cardinals


Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech, CB

Bringing in Rodney Hudson via a trade from the Raiders was a really good move by the Cardinals when it comes to strengthening their offensive line, something they may well look to continue to work on come draft night. 

However that move also gives them greater flexibility as to which way they go with this pick, and with a need at corner following the loss of Patrick Peterson to the Vikings selecting Caleb Farley here would be a great replacement. 

Farley is a tall (6’2) rangy corner who can play both zone and man coverage schemes. He’s competed and performed incredibly well against some of the best receivers in college football and his skill set projects strongly to the NFL. 

The worry with Farley, and why there’s rumours of him falling on some boards, is the injury history in that he’s had a few back-related niggles, including one that has prevented him from working out at his Pro Day. 

Providing the medics clear him though, this would be a great value pickup for the Cardinals. 


Las Vegas Raiders


Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame, LB

I don’t understand the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason – jettisoning parts of their offensive line left, right and centre when its not as if that is the cause of the problems with this team. 

It seems to me as though they’ve created more holes for themselves to need to try and fill and I’m not sure they know what their best offensive line quintet looks like, with potential gaps at both guard and tackle.

However it just doesn’t seem very Raider-like to get rid of those guys to then go and draft new ones early and often, so instead I’ve got them actually seeking to solve the problem they had in the first place which was on defense. 

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah was everywhere for the Notre Dame defense as they made it into the College Football Playoff. The Butkus Award winner is an intriguing combination of physicality and athleticism who will give the Raiders someone to begin rebuilding their defense around. 


Miami Dolphins


Zaven Collins, Tulsa, EDGE / LB

Having picked up an offensive playmaker earlier in round one, the Dolphins find themselves looking at defensive playmakers at this point. 

One player who fits their scheme perfectly and gives them a significant amount of versatility would be Zaven Collins. This is higher than many have got him but given the way Brian Flores wants to play defense, Collins could be a huge boost to this team. 

He’s athletically gifted, has a lot of speed and can get sideline-to-sideline, but also has the ability both to rush the passer and drop into coverage as well. 

As a playmaking potential difference-maker who could be a unique chess piece, the Dolphins opt to add him over one of the pure pass rushers.


Washington Football Team


Sam Cosmi, Texas, OT

Washington started four different quarterbacks in 2020 – Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, Alex Smith and Tyler Heinecke. The latter of those is coming back in 2021 but the rest of that group are either already off the team or have major question marks surrounding them. 

But with Ryan Fitzpatrick signed up as a highly-capable free agent I think Washington have found themselves a short-term answer at quarterback, but I don’t think they have their long-term answer and Fitzmagic is known to be a good tutor, so maybe he’ll help to develop Heinecke and allow the Football Team to go through this draft without feeling the need to draft a QB. 

Instead their focus may well be on improving an offensive line that allowed those quarterbacks to get hurt in the first place, and the selection of Sam Cosmi here would go a long way to helping with that.

Cosmi is an experienced starter who plays with a mean streak and would be an instant upgrade for Washington to plug in on their offensive line.


Chicago Bears


Justin Fields, Ohio State, QB

The Bears have suffered from below-average quarterback play for years – so much so that Chicago would give almost anything to have the Jay Cutler years back. 

Unfortunately for Bears fans they’ve just gone out and signed Andy freakin’ Dalton to be their starter, but this pick is the moment that all Bears fans can finally start believing again.

If I was the 49ers I’d be taking Justin Fields number 3 overall – he’s a well-refined passer with the athletic ability to run when he needs to and his accuracy while doing so is remarkable. 

This pick could make Ryan Pace look like a genius!


Indianapolis Colts


Kwity Paye, Michigan, EDGE

The retirement of Philip Rivers and subsequent trade for Carson Wentz tells us that the Colts are still seeking to win themselves a Super Bowl ring sooner rather than later.

If they’re going to do that they’ll need to overcome the other major retirement they’ve had to face up to this offseason is that of Anthony Castonzo who has locked down the left side of their offensive line for a number of years. However the signing of Sam Tevi in free agency gives the Colts a bit more flexibility in terms of where they go with this pick in the first round.

With a need at EDGE and with none yet off the board, the Colts get to take their pick from the entirety of the class. 

Kwity Paye looked like Superman at his Pro Day and some of his testing results simply confirmed the fact that he is an athletic machine, albeit one who has backed this up with a decent level of production at the college level. 


Tennessee Titans


Rashod Bateman, Minnesota, WR

This is a Titans team that definitely needs to find itself another receiver, despite the breakout of AJ Brown in 2020. 

Ideally for them Rashod Bateman will still be on the board and if they fear him going ahead of them, as he did in my previous mock, then it wouldn’t be a huge shock if they decided to trade up into the late-teens to go and get their man. 

But I think there’s a decent chance that they stay put and get their guy anyway, and most importantly get some help for Ryan Tannehill who has also lost one of his favoured targets in tight end Jonnu Smith this offseason.


New York Jets


Jaelen Phillips, EDGE, Miami

Given the paucity of talent across this roster the Jets would be wise to adopt a best player available strategy to this draft. 

Jaelen Phillips definitely ticks that box here at #23 – the pick the Jets received from the Seahawks as part of the Jamal Adams trade – as well as representing a position of need for New York. 

Jaelen Phillips would be a great choice – he’s quick and a high energy player who just seems to love chasing quarterbacks as well being able to drop into coverage very effectively. 

He’s such a versatile rusher and might well have been a top 10 pick if it wasn’t for the fact that he missed a significant chunk of the 2020 season due to injury.


Pittsburgh Steelers


Najee Harris, Alabama, RB

The Steelers have already come out and said that they need to commit more to the run game, and improve that side of their play in 2021. 

That’s exactly what they look to do with this pick with Najee Harris still on the board.

Harris is very reminiscent of fellow Crimson Tide alum Derrick Henry. He’s a powerful downhill runner who has impressive speed and an ability to be a 3 down back in the NFL. 

For a team that loves to run the ball with power like the Steelers, Harris is a perfect fit. His addition will also help to take the pressure off Big Ben and give this Steelers offense another way of hurting teams. 


Jacksonville Jaguars


Christian Barmore, Alabama, DT

By simply drafting the best player available throughout this draft the Jaguars are likely to be able to improve their roster, as there’s no position at which you would say they’ve got elite starters.

Urban Meyer has talked about the need to set the tone on both the offensive and defensive lines and so it wouldn’t be a shock if this pick is the first of several the Jags go on to make on players who play in the trenches.

When it comes to the defensive tackle position in this draft there’s nobody else in Barmore’s class, so if you want someone at that position in this draft who is ready to play in week one then Barmore needs to be your guy. 

Jacksonville recognises the need to build from the trenches and Barmore has shown his ability to be disruptive and to get himself into opposing backfields time and again.


Cleveland Browns


Gregory Rousseau, Miami, EDGE

The Browns have made some really smart moves in free agency, the net result of which means I think they’re in a great position to be able to just look at drafting talented players regardless of position. They’ve not got any glaring needs that you look at and think they really need to address.

Miami’s Gregory Rousseau who sat out the 2020 season due to concerns over COVID-19 would be a great selection for them. 

Rousseau is a freakish athlete who shows up on tape but also is still developing his set of moves as well as filling out his frame and adding a bit of weight. If he’s able to do that without losing any of his burst, he’ll be an absolute handful in the NFL. 

He also fits the size profile that the Browns like – he’s 6’6 and 260lbs. 


Baltimore Ravens


Terrace Marshall, LSU, WR

After trading away Orlando Brown Jr to the Chiefs the Ravens will have 2 picks at the bottom end of the first round to look forward to.

I don’t think they’ll necessarily look to draft a tackle here, or at 31, but instead that they’ll use these picks to address other needs given they’ve already struck a deal to bring in Alejandro Villanueva after the draft.

One of those needs is at wide receiver, and Terrace Marshall is another tall receiver with good hands who can definitely play on the outside and has the potential to be a WR1 in the future. 

He’s not as polished as Ja’Marr Chase but he’s in the cluster of second echelon wideouts in this draft and hearing his name called in round one, especially to a receiver-needy team, wouldn’t be a shock or indeed a reach.  


New Orleans Saints


Greg Newsome, Northwestern, CB

The Saints have waved goodbye to Drew Brees and so will be starting 2021 with a new leader at quarterback in the form of either Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston. 

They’re also heading into cap hell and are going to have to make a number of cuts in 2021 and 2022, so adding the best player available, which Greg Newsome is at this point, makes a lot of sense for them to ensure they’re replenishing talent across their roster. 

Newsome is a tall corner who plays his coverages very well, and becomes the third Northwestern player to be picked in this first round. 


Green Bay Packers


Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma, C

With Corey Linsley having left Green Bay in free agency, the Packers better have a plan to replace him if they don’t want to incur the wrath of Aaron Rodgers again. 

Thankfully for them the top two prospects at the position are both still on the board at this point – Creed Humphrey and Landon Dickerson. 

Humphrey is the better scheme fit for the Packers and so he’s the pick here. He’s a high IQ football player and a 3-year starter to boot, so he’s got plenty of experience to call on already which will make him an ideal pick to slot in and start from week one.


Buffalo Bills


Travis Etienne, Clemson, RB

This Bills team is primed to make a major Super Bowl push and probably expect to be making the playoffs for the next few years. 

There aren’t any major holes on this roster and so no doubt they’ll continue to look to draft the best player available whenever their picks come around.

But with their melee of running backs in 2020 lacking a true starting-caliber guy, the option to pick Travis Etienne here may be one that they simply cannot pass up. 

Etienne has the potential to be a 3-down back in the NFL such are his receiving skills, and his addition to this offense would be expected to help the Bills go one better next season.


Baltimore Ravens


Trevon Moehrig, TCU, S

This is the pick the Ravens have acquired from the Chiefs in the Orlando Brown Jr trade and, if anything, is one I fully expect them to trade out of come draft night. 

If they do stay here however, the ability to address a need in their secondary with someone who many would consider to be the best player available in Trevon Moehrig would surely be an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. 

Moehrig is a rangy coverage safety who is head and shoulders above the others at his position in this class.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Carlos Basham, Wake Forest, EDGE

Congratulations to the Bucs on their Super Bowl victory – one that was built on the performance of their electric defense and a certain Tom Brady on offense.

With Brady managing to persuade the Bucs to bring the band back together to go for two, their draft needs aren’t necessarily obvious and it would be a surprise anyway if they diverted from drafting best player available – something they’ve done so successfully recently.

Carlos Basham is big enough to be strong against the run and also to slide inside and add extra penetration from that spot on passing downs. He’s also notched up a solid number of sacks and tackles for loss over the last few years, showing his disruptiveness and athleticism in doing so.

He doesn’t get the buzz that a number of the other EDGE prospects do, but he’s an incredibly consistent hard-working performer who requires less development than many others in this class at his position in order to be a starter.

Round two

33Jacksonville JaguarsJalen MayfieldMichiganOT
34New York JetsWyatt DavisOhio StateOG
35Atlanta FalconsAsante Samuel JrFlorida StateCB
36Miami DolphinsJavonte WilliamsNorth CarolinaRB
37Philadelphia EaglesKadarius ToneyFloridaWR
38Cincinnati BengalsWalker LittleStanfordOT
39Carolina PanthersTyson CampbellGeorgiaCB
40Denver BroncosTeven JenkinsOklahoma StateOT
41Detroit LionsRondale MoorePurdueWR
42New York GiantsJoseph OssaiTexasEDGE
43San Francisco 49ersEric StokesGeorgiaCB
44Dallas CowboysLiam EichenbergNotre DameOT
45Jacksonville JaguarsLandon DickersonAlabamaC
46New England PatriotsJamin DavisKentuckyLB
47Los Angeles ChargersPat FreiermuthPenn StateTE
48Las Vegas RaidersDillon RadunzNorth Dakota StateOT
49Arizona CardinalsAzeez OjulariGeorgiaEDGE
50Miami DolphinsJevon HollandOregonFS
51Washington Football TeamNick BoltonMissouriLB
52Chicago BearsElijah MooreMississippiWR
53Tennessee TitansJayson OwehPenn StateEDGE
54Indianapolis ColtsAlex LeatherwoodAlabamaOT
55Pittsburgh SteelersJoe TryonWashingtonEDGE
56Seattle SeahawksLevi OnwuzurikeWashingtonDT
57Los Angeles RamsDylan MosesAlabamaOLB
58Kansas City ChiefsD'Wayne EskridgeWestern MichiganWR
59Cleveland BrownsElijah MoldenWashingtonCB
60New Orleans SaintsKyle TraskFloridaQB
61Buffalo BillsIfeatu MelifonwuSyracuseCB
62Green Bay PackersDaviyon NixonIowaDT
63Kansas City ChiefsCameron McGroneMichiganLB
64Tampa Bay BuccaneersTutu AtwellLouisvilleWR

Round three

65Jacksonville JaguarsKelvin JosephKentuckyCB
66New York JetsKenny GainwellMemphisRB
67Houston TexansQuincy RocheMiamiEDGE
68Atlanta FalconsRichie GrantUCFS
69Cincinnati BengalsBrevin JordanMiamiTE
70Philadelphia EaglesAndre CiscoSyracuseFS
71Denver BroncosHamilcar RashedOregon StateEDGE
72Detroit LionsJay TufeleUSCDT
73Carolina PanthersDavis MillsStanfordQB
74Washington Football TeamMichael CarterNorth CarolinaRB
75Dallas CowboysRonnie PerkinsOklahomaEDGE
76New York GiantsJackson CarmanClemsonOT
New England PatriotsPick forfeitedN/AN/A
77Los Angeles ChargersAaron RobinsonUCFCB
78Minnesota VikingsMarvin WilsonFlorida StateDT
79Arizona CardinalsDyami BrownNorth CarolinaWR
80Las Vegas RaidersJabril CoxLSULB
81Miami DolphinsDeonte BrownAlabamaOG
82Washington Football TeamRodarius WilliamsOklahoma StateCB
83Chicago BearsTrey SmithTennesseeOG
84Philadelphia EaglesRashad WeaverPittEDGE
85Tennessee TitansAlim McNeillNC StateDT
86New York JetsPaulson AdeboStanfordCB
87Pittsburgh SteelersQuinn MeinerzWisconsin-WhitewaterOG
88Los Angeles RamsJosh MyersOhio StateC
89Cleveland BrownsAmon-Ra St. BrownUSCWR
90Minnesota VikingsIsrael MukuamuSouth CarolinaCB
91Cleveland BrownsBrady ChristensenBYUOT
92Green Bay PackersTylan WallaceOklahoma StateWR
93Buffalo BillsBaron BrowningOhio StateLB
94Baltimore RavensPete WernerOhio StateLB
95Tampa Bay BuccaneersOsa OdighizuwaUCLADT
96New England PatriotsTommy TogiaiOhio StateDT
97Los Angeles ChargersPayton TurnerHoustonEDGE
98New Orleans SaintsNico CollinsMichiganWR
99Dallas CowboysHamsah NasirildeenFlorida StateS
100Tennessee TitansSpencer BrownNorthern IowaOT
101Detroit LionsDayo OdeyingboVanderbiltEDGE
102San Francisco 49ersChuba HubbardOklahoma StateRB
103Los Angeles RamsTay GowanUCFCB
104Baltimore RavensJames HudsonCincinnatiOT
105New Orleans SaintsJordan SmithUABEDGE
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