Having restarted this venture in January 2021 I only had 4 months to put everything together ready for the draft. I’m incredibly grateful to each and every one of you who has interacted with me in some way in these first few months – whether simply reading my articles, chatting and sharing things on Twitter, or inviting me to be part of your Podcasts and YouTube shows. 

But ahead of the 2022 draft I’ve got a full year run at it, and that means doing things better and aiming higher. 

Being co-host of the Two Feet Inbounds show is the first step, and I know Karl has got some great ideas as to how we’re going to grow that platform and make sure we’re giving you some quality information and analysis. 

I also want this site to be better too – and that’s why I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, establishing a database I can use to store details on each individual prospect. From now on, on my Top 100 and Position Ranking pages you’ll be able to click into any individual player’s profile – something I’m really excited to start putting together. 

That is a major step forward for this site – providing detailed analysis on each prospect. 

In taking that next step I’m also keen to get others involved in this journey. If you’d be keen to contribute in some way – whether the occasional blog post, as a regular contributor, or via the Two Feet Inbounds show then please do reach out and let me know. 

Here’s to 2022, and to UKDraft being better than ever! 

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