Storylines to keep your eye on during Senior Bowl week

1. The Running Backs on the National Team

It should be news to nobody that one position the Miami Dolphins, who are coaching the National Team, will almost certainly be looking to address during this offseason is running back. They’ve got the chance here to get a close look at 5 prospects and it wouldn’t be at all a shock if they find one they like and end up drafting him in late April. 


2. How the small school prospects fare

For many of the guys from outside of the power conferences, and especially the Division II and Division III players, the standard of competition they come across this week will represent a step up from what they are used to. There’s a reason Jim Nagy has called them up for this game – but showing that they’re ready for it and capable of continuing to do all the good things they’ve shown on tape but against better players will, as always, be an interesting narrative to watch out for.


3. Kyle Trask vs Mac Jones

The consensus on these two quarterbacks is that they’re the 5th and 6th ranked at the position – but there’s very little consensus as to which way round those rankings should be. They both line up on the American Team so we’ll be able to get a direct comparison of them in practice and then try to work out which way round these guys might go come draft day. 


4. The American Team offense

Speaking of the American Team, who are going to be coached by the Carolina Panthers staff, showing up well this week could well lead to them getting to work with this staff again. Carolina drafted all defense last year so you’d assume offensive players might be on their shopping list in this year’s draft. Teams do tend to draft one or two players they’ve coached at the Senior Bowl so everyone on this offense will have an eye on impressing this group of coaches. 


5. The opt-outs

There are a number of guys taking part in this Senior Bowl who won’t have played or even practiced for over a year due to having elected to opt-out of the 2020 season due to COVID-19. In other sports we’d talk about ‘match fitness’ and for those players, showing that they’ve not lost anything in their time away from the game will be important if they want teams to continue to hold them in the same regard as they did twelve months ago. 

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