Last updated 23 January 2021

Buffalo Bills

  1. LB – Adding a tough tackling 3 down linebacker to their current corps would certainly help this Bills defense become tougher to play against. 

  2. CB – Finding a corner who can play opposite Tre’Davious White and give them two decent coverage options would also represent an improvement. 

  3. OT – Daryl Williams only signed a one year last offseason so there’s a chance he leaves in free agency. If he does, this need may well become more pressing for Buffalo to address in the draft.

Miami Dolphins

  1. OL – Protecting and supporting the investment the Dolphins made in round one last year has to be high on the priority list, so picking up some better blockers for Tua has to be top of this list. 

  2. WR – Tua would surely also love another playmaker to throw to – line them up opposite DeVante Parker and let defenses worry about to how to cover the pair of them. 

  3. LB – Improving their run defense by adding a hard-hitting linebacker would be an upgrade to this unit. 

New England Patriots

  1. QB – Cam Newton is clearly not the answer for Bill Belichick’s squad, so finding themselves an upgraded signal caller is surely a huge must for the Patriots this offseason.

  2. TE – This is a team that always used to rely on its tight ends, and while I know they drafted two last year they don’t present any sort of a receiving threat.

  3. DL – The best defenses start by getting pressure from their defensive line, something that the group of guys the Patriots have assembled aren’t really able to do. 

New York Jets

  1. QB – Unlike say Deshaun Watson in Houston, Sam Darnold hasn’t shown anything that makes me think he could be an elite starting quarterback.

  2. RB – The Jets shouldn’t be going into 2021 relying on 37 year old Frank Gore at running back. Bringing in a young lead back should be near the top of the Jets shopping list. 

  3. CB – If the Jets are going to look at improving this defense they should really start by upgrading in their secondary. 
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