AFC South Team Needs

Houston Texans

  1. IOL – This Texans offensive line was terrible in 2020, giving up more than 3 sacks per game of Deshaun Watson. They simply have to get better if they’re going to stand any chance of being better in 2021.

  2. EDGE – The departure of JJ Watt leaves a huge hole in the Texans defense that was already the third worst in the league. This team needs to be able to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks to start helping the rest of its defense out, so defensive end will surely be a high priority for this team.

  3. TE – This offense gets very little production from its tight ends, so finding themselves an upgrade at this position who can come in and start on day one would be a huge benefit. 

Indianapolis Colts

  1. EDGE – This is a defense that relies upon its interior, led by DeForest Buckner, getting pressure first and foremost. Adding some speed and power off the edge will help the Colts defense get even better.

  2. OT – The retirement of Anthony Castonzo leaves a big hole to be filled at left tackle, and with no obvious candidate on the roster already this could be a position the Colts look to target through the draft.

  3. CB – Even with Xavier Rhodes having returned after exploring free agency, the Colts could well be looking to improve their secondary this offseason. We saw in the Bucs run to the Super Bowl the importance of having a strong secondary, so this could be a position that is high on the Colts agenda.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. QB – This list might be easier if we talked about what the Jags don’t need…but finding a quarterback has to be the new Head Coach’s number one priority with the #1 overall pick that this team “earned”.

  2. OT – The next thing Jacksonville would be wise to do would be to protect the investment it will be making with that first overall pick.

  3. TE – Young quarterbacks love having a good tight end on their team – someone can sit in and block when needed to help them have time to throw the ball, but also a safe pair of hands they can check down to. The Jaguars don’t have that guy right now. 

Tennessee Titans

  1. WR – This Titans team has one receiver who you’d consider to be serviceable in the form of AJ Brown, and they’ve now lost their leading tight end Jonnu Smith in free agency. This is a team that desperately needs to add multiple pieces at receiver. 

  2. EDGE – The signing of Jadeveon Clowney has so far not borne fruit for the Titans, with him failing to notch even half a sack in the 8 games he played before landing on IR. Adding teeth to a struggling pass rush has to be a priority for this defense.

  3. CB – The signing of Janoris Jenkins doesn’t paper over the fact that this Titans secondary needs to find ways to improve. This is a group that could do with finding another outside starter and an upgrade at nickel as well.
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