Last updated 23 January 2021

Dallas Cowboys

  1. CB – The Cowboys secondary, despite the addition of Trevon Diggs in round 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft, has continued to struggle. Drafting another corner early would definitely be something that would help this defense.
  2. DT – You could make an argument that any defensive line addition would likely be an upgrade, but adding a powerful defensive tackle to get pressure starting from the middle of the defense would surely be the most significant improvement this unit could make.

  3. IOL – The Cowboys gave up a lot of sacks in 2020 and both Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton got hurt whilst playing behind this offensive line. Getting Tyron Smith and La’el Collins back will help, but upgrading at least one of the interior spots would no doubt help this group protect their signal callers. 

New York Giants

  1. EDGE – The Giants teams that won the SuperBowl in 2008 and 2012 were both based on mean defenses that were able to consistently get to opposing quarterbacks – something this current squad cannot do.

  2. WR – This group didn’t give Daniel Jones any help whatsoever during the 2020 season and giving their young quarterback some weapons to work with surely has to be high on the Giants agenda.

  3. CB – This secondary was pieced together after D’Andre Baker’s release and there’s no doubt that adding a player who could help look after half the field would be a real help to this defense. 

Philadelphia Eagles

  1. CB – This Eagles secondary needs help. Darius Slay hasn’t been anything like the player he was in Detroit and nobody else in this unit looks like they can cover any half-decent wideouts.

  2. LB – Whilst the Eagles tend to rely on their defensive line to do a lot of the hard work, their group of linebackers are really limited in their abilities and a talent upgrade looks to be needed.

  3. WR – whoever ends up under centre for the Eagles in 2021 would surely love a more talented playmaker to throw the ball to. 

Washington Football Team

  1. QB – After starting Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, Alex Smith and Taylor Heinecke at various points in 2020, Washington really needs to settle on its quarterback of the future. Regardless of whether Alex Smith comes back or not, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Football Team draft a signal caller early in the draft.

  2. OT – Washington was in the top 5 teams when it came to sacks given up by the offensive line. Upgrading at both tackle spots would undoubtedly help whoever ends up as their signal caller in 2021.

  3. WR – Another thing that would help their quarterbacks out would be if Washington were to bring in a high-end receiver. Aside from Terry McLaurin, everyone else in this group at the moment is what I’d describe as “just a guy”. 
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