Last updated 1 February 2021

Chicago Bears

  1. QB – Neither of Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles had a particularly good 2020 season, despite the Bears sneaking their way into the playoffs. You’d have to think Chicago could do with an upgrade at this position – even if they decide to bring Trubisky back as a free agent.

  2. OL – One of the reasons the Bears QBs struggled in 2020 was due to their below-average offensive line. Most of the guys on this line could be upgraded in the first couple of rounds of the draft, so don’t be surprised if Chicago double-dips early.

  3. WR – Finding a genuine number 1 receiver would also help this Chicago offense out considerably. 

Detroit Lions

  1. WR – Detroit has been lacking in playmakers for a season or two now, and adding an elite level receiver who can become an 80-90 catches per season kind of guy would be a significant addition for the Lions – whoever their QB is going to be in 2021.

  2. QB – Speaking of which…now they’ve traded Matt Stafford to the Rams and picked up Jared Goff in return, the Lions must surely be looking to add some competition in their quarterback room. I’m sorry but I’m just not buying the idea that Dan Campbell really wants Goff as the Lions starter. 

  3. DT – The interior of the Lions defensive line doesn’t really do much at the moment, and the best defences are able to gain penetration from this position in both the run and pass game. Finding an upgrade here would help the Lions to give the rest of their defence a better chance of making plays.

Green Bay Packers

  1. WR – Davante Adams has once again been the Packers leading offensive weapon but there’s no doubt that adding another option on the outside for Aaron Rodgers (or Jordan Love!) would be beneficial to this offense.

  2. CB – Beyond Jaire Alexander, the Packers secondary seems to lack in both talent and depth. Adding a high caliber option to patrol the other half of the field opposite Alexander would undoubtedly improve this defense.

  3. LB – Adding Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison late in the year will help the Packers improve defending against the run, but adding some second level help would further improve this unit.

Minnesota Vikings

  1. OT – Riley Reiff was rumoured to be close to being cut during the last offseason and his below-average level of play coupled with his expensive contract make him a prime candidate to be replaced.

  2. DT – The Vikings struggled to get pressure on opposing offences in 2020 and much of that starts with the interior of their defensive line. The days of the Purple People Eaters are sadly long gone for the Vikings, but focussing on improving their defensive line could definitely help Minnesota.

  3. S – Anthony Harris played 2020 on the franchise tag so if he leaves in free agency the Vikings have a major need on their hands as they’ve got no depth of any note beyond Harris and Harrison Smith. 
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