What does the Stafford-Goff trade mean for this year’s draft?

With the news breaking overnight that the Detroit Lions have agreed to trade Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in return for Jared Goff, the 89th overall pick in this year’s draft, and both their 2022 and 2023 1st round picks, we take a look at what this might mean for the 2021 draft. 

We’d be amazed if the Lions are assuming that Jared Goff will be their starting quarterback of the future – Sean McVay has been working with him for the last few years and if he’s unconvinced then it would be a huge risk for Dan Campbell to take simply to install Goff as the Lions starter without any competition. 

They could look to bring in another veteran but with a new GM and Head Coach combo in place I’d be surprised if they don’t go ahead and draft a quarterback in round one. 

The question is whether they stay at #7 overall and take their chances as to which QBs are still on the board, or use some of the bounty they’ve collected to move up and take a guy they maybe fall in love with during the pre-draft process. 

Stay where they are and there’s a decent chance that either Trey Lance or Mac Jones could still be on the board and I can definitely see Dan Campbell drawing comparisons between Jones and the guy he’s worked with in New Orleans for the last 5 years, Drew Brees. Both are smaller than the prototypical NFL quarterback but are also incredibly football smart and very precise passers. 

If they’re going to make a move up – possibly for either Zach Wilson or Justin Fields – then you’d think they’ll spend a lot of time talking to the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins about what it might take to get up to #2 or #3 overall. 

The Jets may be willing sellers if they believe Sam Darnold is their guy, or if they fancy one of the guys who’ll likely still be there at #7 to come in and compete with the 2018 third overall pick. 

Alternatively, the Dolphins surely aren’t giving up on Tua after half a dozen starts or so and are more likely to be looking at an offensive tackle or an offensive playmaker early in the draft. Given the depth at both positions I’d be amazed if a deal couldn’t be done to move Detroit up 4 spots – even if that means the Lions giving up one of the future first rounders they’ve just acquired. 

For the Rams – maybe they’re hoping to trade away all their draft picks and put their entire scouting team on furlough? 

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